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Do not overheat the notebook battery

Jan 28, 2015-America-Whether Tablet PC, digital camera or laptop: Over time, the battery seems to be losing more and more power. Usually after less than a year, a significant endurance loss is noticeable. That's not so bad, if it is the piece to standard batteries for a few euros. But in more and more devices contain expensive special donor. On a notebook, an original laptop battery can sometimes cost 200 euros. It is better not to let it get so far is only. We tell you how to prevent premature aging of your battery.

Which type of battery?

Almost all high-tech devices are now equipped with medical device battery (Li-Ion), some with lithium-polymer batteries. Both battery types are lighter and smaller than nickel-cadmium (NiCd) and nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries and provide more capacity. Also, you are basically against the 'memory effect resistant, the permanent loss of power incomplete charging. Nevertheless, a lithium battery is aging just like any other energy source.

Do not overheat the notebook battery

Heat and heat accelerates this process further. Therefore, protect your digital camera or your laptop from direct sunlight. Very important: Who runs his notebook mainly to the power supply, should remove the battery. So he stays cool, is not constantly charged and thus longer lives. You should not overdo it, but not -at temperatures below 10 degrees, the performance of most fast charge battery drops drastically.

Notebook battery never goes dead

A lithium battery should be as opposed to a NiCd or NiMH battery never completely discharged, or threatened discharge. Result: the battery could be damaged irreparably. If the battery voltage drops below a critical value, the switch-off comes into play. After a warning, the unit switches off shortly afterwards. To take a risk, you should fully charge the energy donor already at a charge level of around 20 percent again.

Like all aging battery type lithium-ion batteries also. Usually a battery within three years loses half its capacity. Apart from that, every lithium-ion battery will discharge itself of its own accord, that is, the battery empties without use. A lithium battery should be stored properly when it is not used for an extended period of time. Otherwise it will break down. Before they send the battery into hibernation, it should be recharged about half full. Thereby it is avoided that there is a discharge. The ideal temperature for storage is about 15 to 18 degrees. In the summer, your battery is therefore best kept in a particularly cool place, for example in the basement.

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